Resort Listing and Selling Services

We at Orion Resort & Campground Sales are enthusiastic advocates of the resort business and have had the pleasure of helping many families get into the business by selling them a resort.

The resort property market is very active. There is a steady stream of people looking to buy and we need to meet their needs, as we are constantly depleting our listings. Are you thinking of selling? We guarantee you the highest quality service and an equitable price for your property. We also guarantee utmost confidentiality, if that is your wish and we also can offer tremendous exposure to the buying public through our conventional advertising methods and through this web site. If confidentiality is not a big concern and you currently have a web site, we will provide a link from your listing here on our site to your own site, so that we optimize exposure to prospective buyers. If you do not currently have a web site, because we believe so strongly that a resort web site expedites selling, we can develop a site for you. Regardless of approach, confidential or full disclosure, we at Orion Resort & Campground Sales care about our business and care about our clients. We are a small company with a powerful team and a great track record, so when the time comes for you to sell your resort, please keep us in mind. We'll handle the sale of your property with the care, concern and sincerity of knowing how special your resort is and how important the continued good care of your guests is to you.

Please print this page as an introduction and an insight of our style in handling resort sales.
Tom Ossell's, background includes a college degree in Finance, Marketing and Economics, a former Mortgage Banker and experience in resort sales since 1973. Tom & Pat Ossell have successfully owned 3 resorts, 2 motels, a campground, other recreational property and a commercial furniture business. Tom and Pat are former board members of the Congress of Minnesota Resorts.

Pat Ossell had been nominated as business women of the year.

John Seekon and his wife, Doreen, are successful resort operators, and owners of The Pines Resort and Campground on Winnibigouhish, Deer River, MN.

It is important for us to keep informed of the resort industry by reading and attending tourism workshops. We have taken many classes on Contract Law, Accounting and Taxes, which helps us serve our clients (Resort Sellers). We work closely with Sellers' accountants and attorneys when structuring a sale.

Since 1973 we've handled over 150 Resort/Lodging sales which have ranged from fishing camps to campgrounds to full-service luxury resorts with food, liquor, houseboats, marinas and other amenities. Those resorters, whose properties we have sold, have been very pleased with our services, particularly in regard to thoroughness and the fact that the sales stay together. We are always delighted to furnish references.

The strength of our abilities is hard work, personal service, aggressive marketing, "straight talk" and down to earth, common sense in regard to price and selling conditions, which the resort can handle. We prefer to handle a few choice listings, do a good job on all and sell a very high percentage.


  • Appraising the resort's value and counseling the owner of the most suited terms given the present market
  • Identifying the owner's needs and satisfying as many as possible in regard to the sale and their future
  • Preparing thorough photo brochure information packages which are mailed to resort buyers on file or current inquiries and Internet contacts
  • Advertising extensively in major Midwestern newspapers, magazines and trade journals, and the Internet
  • Showings of the resorts --- pre-arranged with the Seller. (The entire resort sale process is handled quietly and confidentially without guests knowledge so as to be as uninterruptive, with the operation, as possible)
  • Preparing thorough Purchase Agreements and counseling with the Sellers and their accountants and attorneys of the tax and other consequences of the sale
  • Transferring of all licenses, permits or leases involved with the property
  • Preparation and distribution in advance to Sellers and Buyers of all closing documentation (prepared by our attorney or another attorney at our expense)
  • Handling the adjustments of all operating expenses, transfer of reservation deposits, inventory of resaleable items (i.e. tackle, gas, food, beverage, etc.)
  • Our personal attention to see that everything is done on a timely basis and the solving of many problems which can occur during the process.
  • Being counselors to the Seller and sorting out emotional and financial decisions.

The typical seller is so close to their (baby) resort that their emotional involvement sometimes clouds their goals. As a seller's counselor we first identify their goals and strive to provide sound, big picture business advice. Having long term and repeat clients are compliments we take very seriously.

We wish you a great season and rewarding life as a resort operator. When the time comes, whether it is now, a few years from now, or many years into the future, we would most appreciate an opportunity to discuss with you the sale of your resort. We look forward to hearing from you!

Best regards,

Orion Resort & Campground Sales Team

Tom and Pat Ossell
Tom & Pat Ossell
Tom and Pat Ossell

John Seekon