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A message from the owner, Tom Ossell...

Sellers and Buyers, there are many choices to be made and they need to be the best you can, see: to sell or buy a resort or campground. We are in a new world and how our society functioned a few years ago may not come back for a long time, if at all. Choosing me as your broker, you will get an experience broker who came from a background of 2nd generation immigrant parents who came out of the great depression. We lived within our means where hard work and honest ethics were the way of life.  I have been brokering resorts and campgrounds since 1973, and being passionate about the resort industry, we have owned 3 since 1984, just recently selling out treasured jewel Northern Lights to a fine couple, to which we will always be available to counsel in the future. Staying mentally ambitious and re-thinking everything is what we are doing to keep pace and to grow our businesses (which we are). The operating concepts I share later in this website are those which I am currently using and know are working well for us. Knowing how to prioritize spending and time management along with disciplines are essential in surviving these times. Let me help you and show you how.

My counseling to buyers and sellers continues long after the sale. The best compliment to my company is a successful operator.  Once you have bought a resort, join The Community of Minnesota Resorts to associate with the achievers and keep in touch with this great industry.  It is a great way of life for the entire family.  Keep in mind you are not competing with your neighbor, the stronger the magnet the greater the pull.  Keep smiling and your line tight.   -Tom

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