Selling Your Minnesota Resort

Orion Resort and Campground Sales co-brokers with any other real estate company on the same bases as those companies will co-broker with Orion. Real Estate companies that do not co-broker or share fees have a greed issue and no amount of rationalizations on their part changes that. Getting the sale accomplished for the seller client should be the highest priority, not who gets the most fees. Our fees at Orion range from 5% if Orion handles the entire process with out co-brokering to 7% if the sale is co-brokered with another real estate company. It has been our experience that brokers representing a good buyer will not expose their buyers (right or wrong) to a sale where there is not a certain amount of fees generated. Our listing contract offers the option of what ever level of service the Seller client desires and what ever is initially agree to may be changed by mutual agreement.

When Orion handles the sale, we:

  • Advertise
  • Prepare a factual package of the property with a lot of pictures
  • Qualify buyers
  • Handle the showings (unless contracted differently)
  • Make the best presentation the property can have
  • Show all the potential of the property (our current operating experience is very valuable)
  • Put together a budget and projected yield for implementing the potentials
  • Give the buyer an education of the industry (example is shown in Buyer Assistance page)
  • Set the buyer up with the correct contacts within the industry that will help with their success
  • Recommend accounting software, Reservation Software and Where to Advertise
  • Handle inventory of re-saleables:
    • Fuels and supplies
    • The transfer of licenses
    • Insurances
    • Sales tax #'s
    • and help with the "getting started" issues.
    • We work with your accountant to be sure we have covered all the bases so they can make the best (least tax) interpretation of acknowledging the taxable event of the sale.
  • Offer some ideas and steer you in the right direction (or at least ask if that base is covered in your long term planning) for estate planning (as I have done for my family)

Sellers, the financial market and real estate market is what it is. There are just to many problems that have been building for years in our society to realistically think they are going to be over in the near future. There is a big difference in "settling" and smart planning of the present and future. I have seen in my 40+ years "stubborn" hang on to long with not a good outcome. Enjoy your "golden years" while you are physically able to. Senior communities are all over, they are economical to live in and they are a blast. If you are thinking of a retirement home there maybe benefits to do so prior to a sale. Again I can share a personal experience that is working well.