Small Resorts Make Family Retreats with Benefits:

When you are searching the market for a personal cabin, you do your home work and look for the best location, amenities, setting and physical value. Let us help you broaden your education to consider a small family resort. We are not only “resort brokers” but we have many years of experience as “resort operators”.

Did you know that resorters buy boats and motors at dealer cost? They do because the dealer gets a rebate from the manufacture because the manufacture wants their products used by the general public. Do you understand, depreciation, amortization and interest expense as “write offs?” Do you understand making “capital improvements” (additions or expansions of the cabins) is another write of? How about travel to and from you personal resort, utilities, taxes, insurance and all the other expenses. When you are not using your resort personally it can be rented and generating income. All reservations are via the phone and internet (example VRBO, vacation rentals by owners) and very manageable with local area folks helping with cleaning and maintenance. Do you understand for tax purposes “Gifting” as in to your children / beneficiaries with out taxes. We can answer all these questions and others in how to enjoy and operate a private resort. There are small “mom and pop” resorts that are well maintained, in scenic settings that have high physical value but low economic value and thus struggle trying to be sold as an operating resort. These are the real deals with extra benefits to a new owner.

Call us, we will guide you through the process and be available as consultants once you own. It is a fun business and when you are dealing with the public, it is the best you will ever see them, they are on vacation. We can help. Tom Ossell ( 612-805-9646) and John Seekon ( 218-256-6565)