About Us

We are enthusiastic advocates of the resort business and have had the pleasure of helping many families get into the business by selling them a resort. 


A Note from the Owner

Sellers and Buyers,

There are many choices to be made and they need to be the best you can.  By choosing Orion Resort Sales, you will get an experienced broker who came from a background of second generation immigrant parents who came out of the Great Depression. We lived within our means where hard work and honest ethics were the way of life.  I have been brokering resorts and campgrounds since 1973 and have always been passionate about the resort industry. We have owned three resorts since 1984, most recently the Northern Lights Resort and Outfitting, which we sold to a fine couple, and to which we will always be available to counsel in the future.

Staying mentally ambitious and re-thinking everything is what we are doing to keep pace and to grow our businesses. The operating concepts I share in this website are those which I am currently using and know are working well for us. Knowing how to prioritize spending and time management, along with discipline, are essential in surviving these times. Let me help you and show you how.  Our experience comes with additional benefits such as knowledge of 1031 tax deferred exchanges and going into "passive cash flowing" safe investments.  Let us help you and your CPA / Attorney / Investment Adviser plan for future cash flow and tax savings.

My team has extensive experience and knowledge in the hospitality business. All of them have owned and operated a resort, campground, or motel, know the MN resort industry well, and can give you sound advice on buying or selling.

My counseling to buyers and sellers continues long after the sale. The best compliment to my company is a successful operator. Once you have bought a resort, join the Community of Minnesota Resorts and the Minnesota Resort and Campground Association to associate with the achievers and keep in touch with this great industry. It is a great way of life for the entire family. Keep in mind you are not competing with your neighbor, the stronger the magnet the greater the pull. Keep smiling and your line tight.  


Our Team

Since 1973, we've handled hundreds of Resort/Lodging sales, which have ranged from fishing camps to campgrounds to full-service luxury resorts with food, liquor, houseboats, marinas and other amenities.

The owners of the properties we have sold have been very pleased with our services, particularly in regard to thoroughness and the fact that the sales stay together. We are always delighted to furnish references.

It is important for us to keep informed of the resort industry by reading and attending tourism workshops. We have taken many classes on Contract Law, Accounting, and Taxes, and we work closely with Sellers' accountants and attorneys when structuring a sale.

We excel in hard work, personal service, aggressive marketing, "straight talk" and down to earth, common sense in regard to price and selling conditions, which the resort can handle. We prefer to handle a few choice listings, do a good job on all, and sell a very high percentage.

We wish you a great season and rewarding life as a resort operator. When the time comes, whether it is now, a few years from now, or many years into the future, we would most appreciate an opportunity to discuss with you the sale of your resort. We look forward to hearing from you!


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Services included when listing and selling a resort:

  • Market & Property Analysis

    A market analysis on the property's value and counsel the owner of the most suited terms given the present market

  • Counsel of the Owner/Seller

    Identify the owner's needs and satisfying as many as possible in regard to the sale and their future. Counsel the Seller with sorting out emotional and financial decisions.

  • Advertising

    We advertise extensively through major business markets and digital marketing.

  • Marketing Materials

    We prepare thorough photo brochure information packages which are shared with prospective resort and campground buyers.

  • Document Management

    We help with transferring of licenses, permits, or leases involved with the property.

  • Property Showings

    We schedule showing of the property with the seller.  The entire sale process is handled quietly and confidentially and will not affect the operation of the property.

  • Legal & Accounting Coordination

    We prepare thorough Purchase Agreements and counsel the Sellers as they work with their accountants and attorneys throughout the sale.

  • Help with handling the adjustments of all operating expenses

    Includes transfer of reservation deposits, inventory of resaleable items (i.e. tackle, gas, food, beverage, etc.)

  • Personal Attention

    We give our personal attention to see that everything is done on a timely basis and help with the solving of many problems which can occur during the process.

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